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sheba haxton

Harold's mother, Sheba Haxton, 1921
Haxton in Tunisia

Lt. Haxton in Tunisia (allegedly...this looks like a studio shot to me)
Marion Mandeville

Marion Mandeville and her cat Binky,
1950's autographed publicity shot

Haxton with camera

Haxton at work (???) (from LA Sentinel article, 1954)
Haxton & Friends, 1943

Haxton (center front) and a group of unidentified friends, Hollywood, 1943

Dagmar's Restaurant

Dagmar's Swedish Restaurant, Burbank, 1948 -- this was Haxton & Ford's favorite hangout (demolished in 1976 -- a Del Taco was later built on this lot)
the Orpheum theater, where The Wet Ones premiered in 1961

The Orpheum theater, where Haxton's film The Wet Ones premiered in 1961
former Schmikler Pictures studio

The former Schmikler Pictures studio in Burbank, now abandoned (note the still visible -- and misspelled -- "Schmikler Pictures")

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