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Haxton In Hollywood: Toga! Toga!

About That Toga Thing...
Haxton spoke of his love of togas:

"I love togas. I can't repeat enough...there's nothing more sensual than a linen or light woolen toga."

Cinematographer Arlen Ford recounted fondly:

"When Harold would get 'three sheets to the wind', he'd usually end up wearing one of sheets".

Throughout his life, Harold Haxton had a secret (well, maybe not-so-secret) affinity for the Roman toga.

Haxton often donned a toga while working. It was not uncommon to find him behind the camera, a long linen swath thrown over his dapper suit. His ex-wife, Marion Mandeville recalled:

"It didn't really bother me...I mean, as fetishes go, you gotta admit that's a pretty mild one. But it did bother me when he'd ask me to iron them. Togas are around fifteen feet long and can have an awful lot of pleats."

Haxton outside the studio in a toga

Haxton relaxing outside the studio in a toga, 1955

In the late 60's, Haxton would crash UCLA frat parties, gliding about en toga inciting all with a cry of "Friends! Romans! Countrymen! Lend me your beers!" Being a fun-loving and agreeable sort, he was always accepted into the fold. Also, he was really good about letting the boys use his car for beer runs. NEXT

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