Der Struwwelpeter
Cover from the Der StruwwelPeter
Look once now, but remember later
Blech! Its the Struwwelpeter!
he let his nails grow without a care,
and never cut and never combed his hair
Blech! let us cry out to everyone:
the Struwwelpeter is an ugly one!

Der Struwwelpeter is a book in the fine tradition of "be good or die" german fairy tales and stories. As a child, I was exposed to the charming imagery and sledgehammer morals of this book and I fear I may never remove the haunting pictures from my subconscious. However, the nightmares that followed were a very effective behavior training mechanism. As an extra burden of guilt, I am told my grandfather used to print these books to keep my family fed during the war.

I am now inflicting this horror upon the rest of the world by scanning it and translating the german text into english. I did not translate it verbatim, partly because my german is not that good, but also it makes for rather awkward and crude sounding english. Actually, I have rewritten the words completely, using the plots and moral lessons of Dr Heinr. Hoffmann's charming tales.

As a side note, this lovely image was one of the inspirations for Tim Burton's creation of Edward Scissorhands.

The Stories

Feisty Fredrich
Paulina Pyro
The Black Boy
Hunting Wild Hares
Konrad and his thumbs
Soup Boy Kaspar
Phillip Fidget
Hans Head-in-the-Clouds
Blow Away Bob

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