Der Struwwelpeter: Konrad and his Thumbs

The Story of Konrad and his Thumbs

Konrad and his mother (please increase window width, if necessary, to format lines properly)

"KONRAD!" announced his loving mother
"I am going out, to fetch one thing or another.
You must stay here, so please behave
and be a big boy who's strong and brave.
But most of all, do not suck your thumb
for the tailorman and his scissors will come!"

Konrad alone sucking his thumbs

But as soon as his mother was out the door
he started to suck that thumb some more!

The tailorman bursts in and cuts off his thumbs!

With a great loud crash, the door was smashed in.
The tailor came through with a sick happy grin.
He leapt at Konrad with his giant shears
and the boy's screams fell on deaf ears
the scissors closed with a snip and a snap
and off came his thumbs in the tailor's steel trap

konrad standing there without thumbs

When his mother came home,
she found him alone,
standing there numb,
without either thumb...

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