furby autopsy

Furby On Ice
frozen furby As you can see, Toh-Loo-Kah is chillin' at the Furby Medical Examiner's Office. (He's in the drawer right next to Walt Disney). He'll be cooling his furry little heels until we see fit to revive him using parts from a Sunbeam electric hot dog cooker...stay tuned for Frankenfurby.

Live Fast, Dye Young
Actually, we dyed our Furby's fur blue...if you have a white furby, you can too! (Not recommended for any other color furby.) Now you can make your furby match your socks, your car, or your sofa. First you'll need to remove his skin as demonstrated on the How-To page. You'll also need to have a white cable tie handy for stitching him back up again when you're finished. We used RIT dye in Teal Blue, which resulted in this pale turquoise shade (it matches his eyes rather nicely). Keep in mind that as furby fur is not a natural fiber, whatever color you choose will have a much lighter result since the dye will not be fully absorbed.

am i blue? lil' blue furby Am I Blue?
After removing the fur, simply follow the directions on the RIT package. We used hot water (not too hot), dumped the package of dye powder in, stirred well, and then added the furby skin. He soaked overnight (stir every once in awhile so he doesn't get dark patches), and was then rinsed very thoroughly. Set furby skin over a soda bottle or empty jelly jar to dry, so he'll keep his shape. Once dry (you can use a hair-dryer), brush the fur out so it's soft again. Carefully pull the skin back over furby's shell, and thread your new cable tie through the hem at the bottom. Pull tight, fasten the tie and snip off the loose end. Don't even try to sell them on Ebay as "Rare! Purple Furbies" though, we mean it.

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