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the brute is out there.

By mapping not only the Pacific Northwest, but wooded and non-wooded areas across the entire planet, YETI@Home will be the largest completely unscientific study of nonexistent phenomenon to date.

Where will the next Bigfoot sighting occur? An abandoned soup factory in Piscataway, New Jersey? The back seat of an AMC Pacer in Redding, California? Or in your very own backyard?

Until now, individual sightings have been sporadic and poorly documented. They are generally reported by isolated men living in remote shacks wearing caps with fuzzy earflaps, sporting "mullet" hairdos and eating Dinty Moore Stew out of the can with sharpened twigs.

As we in the scientific community like to say: "raving nutbags".

science, or just monkey business?

You can make a difference. By getting all the video footage we can, and processing this data using the communal processing power of millions of YETI@Home volunteers, YETI@Home scientists believe we can achieve the best chances of locating this mysterious creature. (This theoretical approach is known in academic circles as "Fermat's Shotgun").

For more information on how you can get started, see Use YETI@Home.

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