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YETI@HomeY2K Complaints Statement

No, that's not a typo. YETI@Home may or may not be Y2K compliant. Do we care? No. And we don't want to hear about it. Don't even think about suing us if something goes wrong with your PC on Y2K while running the YETI@Home client...we know where you live. Our crack team of zoology teaching assistants will be there quicker than you can say "samiri boliviensis" [1]. Believe us...they kick ass and take copious notes.

Yeti@Home: Something's Afoot

Somewhere In The Pacific Northwest, December 31, 1999
YETI announces the launch of the YETI@Home web site. By utilizing thousands of Internet-connected PCs and cameras trained on thousands of backyards, YETI@Home will search for Yeti, Bigfoot, Sasquatch and other unidentified simian creatures.

The YETI@Home project will take advantage of the unused processing cycles of personal computers. YETI@Home users will download free software from this website. When their computer is idle, this software will allow their computer (and connected web camera) to capture video data and return this info via modem to the YETI team. By combining this data with data from thousands of other YETI@Home participants, the YETI team will be able to scan the globe for incontrovertable truth of Bigfoot's existence.

By mapping not only wooded areas of the Pacific Northwest, but the entire planet, YETI@Home will be the largest shared-computing study of nonexistent phenomenon to date.

[1] That's "Bolivian Squirrel Monkey" to you mouth breathers...oops, we meant...liberal arts majors.

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