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about the program

What is the purpose of this sofware?
This is a distributed processing project, where by utilizing otherwise wasted CPU cycles and hardware owned by millions of people around the globe, we can create a superglobalgigacomputer. This superglobalgigacomputer will empower us to watch for Bigfoot, yeti, and other unidentified simians all around the globe.

Sounds cool. How do I fit in?
Well, if you have a home computer setup and a window, you can join in. Simply download the software and setup the camera system as instructed and become part of the excitement. Join millions of other users who have dedicated their computers and idle CPU cycles to this noble quest. In fact, failing to join us is likely to result in ridicule and ostracization by the technically hip community.

I live in an urban environment, can I still help?
While we would prefer your computer to be set up in the remote forests of the Pacific Northwest or the upper altitudes of the Himalayas, we understand this may not be convenient to your needs. If you cannot accomodate our humble request, we ask that you still participate by using your backyard for image capture. While it's not as likely that Bigfoot will test out your new Martha Stewart Collection lawn chaise or take a dip in your pool -- much less climb up to your 15th floor balcony, the chance still remains.

Why don't you simply look for the creatures where you know they are most likely to be found?
Because this is a distributed computing project, the power of the super gigaglobalcomputer comes from the sum of all its users and contributors. While we acknowledge that the chances of a positive ID are reduced somewhat in an urban environment compared to remote rural locations, we can compensate for this reduction in odds through simple sheer magnitude of users. By having a million urban users, we multiply our chances a millionfold and therefore even the smallest odds become very real possiblities. Beyond the simple statistical proof, with a million users we will have more computing power at our disposal than ever before in Bigfoot or yeti hunting history. Numbers do not lie -- we simply cannot fail.

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