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the hall of crap

We're All Ears!
These circa-1996 boxes of cotton "W-Tip" swabs were the result of a rare misprint at the swab factory. Misprints in collectible items such as stamps are rare and can often be worth thousands of dollars. An excellent example would be Christie's auction of a rare "Herbert Hoover with Blackened Left Incisor" and the Eleanor Roosevelt portrait stamp (understandably) miscaptioned as "Champion Racehorse Phar Lap".

W Tips

The misprinting of a box of Q-Tips is not quite as rare, but is admittedly, humorous. Our Victorian Pickle Skewer Expert, Euphonia Sandshrew-Machop, was reduced to a helpless blancmange of giggling Englishwoman upon seeing this one. However, she also gets this way while watching "Everyone Loves Raymond", and we can't begin to understand that phenomenon.

Misprinted W Tips: Value $0 (used) - $1.50 (intact)
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