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the hall of crap

The Chartreuse Spaniel
The only remaining prop from a never-completed film noir by Ed Wood, this portland-cement statuette (and useful doorstop) is known as "The Chartreuse Spaniel". Unfortunately the epynomic film was destroyed in a suspicious fire that began on a pile of angora sweaters. The script survived, however, and was later remade as the well-known Humphrey Bogart vehicle "The Maltese Falcon".

Director John Huston apparently thought a falcon was a little more "mysterious" than a spaniel. We disagree, finding the spaniel statue's luminescent green enamel and complete lack of pupils to be extremely disconcerting. In fact, our Victorian Cuttlefish Spoon expert, Ms. Sandshrew-Machop, refuses to be left alone in a room with the thing.

The Chartreuse Spaniel

Chartreuse Spaniel: Value: Priceless! (Just Kidding)

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