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the hall of crap

Thankfully, The Lid Always Stays Down
This electric wall clock, circa 1975, is the spitting image of a toilet seat! Brethren to those giant fork-and-spoon wall hangings intended for kitchen walls, this clock was intended to grace the bathroom wall -- or the garage wall, if your wife didn't find it as amusing as you did.

We do know a bit about the Boston clock-maker Johnny, Inc. (formerly John Sebastien Clockworks, Ltd.)...they started out in 1790 making fine grandfather clocks. Sadly, as we can see, the company ended up in the toilet.

Toilet Seat Clock

Note the faux-gold chain which "hides" the electrical cord - this clever decorative technique was very popular in the 1970s.

Toilet Seat Clock: Value $10.00 CHEAP!
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