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Meet The Experts

Dave 'Bucky

David Gastley Vilplume
Dutch Paintings, English Silver, "Gimme" Caps
Mr. Gilplume (also known as "Bucky") is considered the greatest expert on novelty caps north of the Mason-Dixon line. He is the author of several books, including "'Hat Head': A Tragedy In One Part". His favorite artist? "It's a dead heat between Vermeer and the guy who did the oil-on-velvet portrait of Ricardo Montalban in my living room."

Ms. Sandshrew-Machop

Euphonia Sandshrew-Machop
Victorian Pickle Skewers, Cuttlefish Spoons
Ms. Sandshrew-Machop lives and works in the charming Notting Hill area of London, where she established her first of several antique shops in 1962. She spends her free time breeding award-winning King Charles Spaniels and stalking actor Alan Rickman (Die Hard, Sense and Sensibility).

Terrance Butterfree

Terrance Butterfree
Clown Paintings, Medieval Weaponry, Pogs

Though he retired in 1991 after (wisely) cashing in his vast pog collection, Mr. Butterfree recently consulted with the Getty Museum on their exhibit "Landscape In Whiteface: The Undiscovered Clown Portraits of Andrew Wyeth".

Piettro Pidgeotto

Pietro Pidgeotto
Parmesan Cheese Dispenser Restoration

Upon receiving a diagnosis of severe lactose intolerance from his doctor in 1987, Mr. Pidgeotto turned his attention towards building the largest collection of grated parmesan cheese dispensers in the free world. He is also a member of the Greater Los Angeles Marx Brother Re-enactors Association (GLAMBRA).

Damien Van Weezing

Damian Van Weezing
Musical Instruments, Breakfast Cereals

Mr. Van Weezing is best known for his restoration of the priceless (and vitamin-fortified) "Breakfast Cereal Rosary" which is now on display at the Vatican in Rome.

Clarissa Bellsprout-Rhydan

Clarissa L. Bellsprout-Rhydan
Anything with Veneer

Mrs. Bellsprout-Rhydan is a distinguished graduate of the Montmartre Veneerial Institute. She has seen Star Wars one-hundred and seventy-two times.

Taduo Hitmonchan

Taduo Hitmonchan
Netsuke, Kyushu Rustic Pottery, "Hello Kitty" memorabilia

In 1999, Mr. Hitmonchan served on an international panel of experts convened to identify a sculpture raised from the sea off the coast of Egypt. The team later determined the artifact was in fact either a sculpture of Anubis (Egyptian god of the dead), or the Hamburglar (American fast-food mascot).

Maurice Blastoise

Maurice Blastoise, III
pre-1985 Playboy Magazines

Sorry -- we don't actually see Mr. Blastoise around the office very often.

Mrs. Elaine Marie Diglett

Elaine Marie Diglett
Decorative Toilet and Tissue Paper Covers

Ms. Diglett frequently writes and lectures on collectible bathroom accessories. Her book, "Usurpers To The Throne: Detecting Counterfeit Collectible Toilet Seat Covers" was recently published by Flammable Books. She is the proud owner of a 1970 Plymouth Hemi 'Cuda.
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