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what is a tchotchke?

It's Yiddish for "a little piece of crap". You probably have a few around the house -- up in the attic, under the bed, down behind the sofa cushions, in the garage next to that lawn ornament the city made your father remove from the yard...

That china poodle from your Aunt Frieda...

The last remaining engraved ice scraper from your cousin Dawn Marie's wedding in 1982...

The smelly thing you found it at a yard sale that looks like a cross between a deflated pinata and a stuffed groundhog... [1]

Sure, it doesn't look like much, but could it be a rare museum piece? Could it be worth millions?

Not a Fudgesicle's chance in Hell.

Here at the Tchotchke Peepshow, our mission is to seek out such flotsam and jetsam, appraise it, and inform our viewers of what these treasured objets really are...

Crap. Pure, unadulterated crap.

NOTE: In light of the recent allegations of fraud on a certain other antiques-appraisal show, we at the Tchotchke Peepshow would like to state for the record that, although we may occasionally beg off due to a headache, and sometimes, quite frankly, we just lie back and think of the Queen of England...we never, ever fake it.

Do you have a tchotchke you'd like to learn more about? Send us a picture. Our experts in tchotckinology will appraise it and see if it meets the high standards of our esteemed Hall of Crap.

The Tchotchke Peepshow goes on tour this July -- catch it at a truck stop or elementary school cafeteria near you!

[1] Which, by the way, is actually a stuffed, flattened ex-groundhog. Throw it away -- it's disgusting!

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