Sid's Virtual Birthday Party!
sid's virtual birthday party

sid in his birthday hat
It's my party, and I'll sulk if I want to...

Play "Pin The 'Nads On Sid"! Just click on his pic where you think they should go -- they''ll magically appear if you click in the right spot. Since he doesn't actually have any nads anymore, he'll never know if you're wrong. Have a ball!

Sid's SIX! he's SIX! He's SIX today -- or thereabouts. We don't have any papers on him (he needs them under him more, from the looks of our carpet).

You can send him a virtual birthday present, if you'd like...Salmon Flavored Pounce and Cheese Topini are his favorite snacks. Just drop one on the scanner - he'll virtually appreciate it, and we'll make sure he sends a thankyou note.

sid's lovely arm

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