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Sid's Contest Winner..."Color Me Bad"!

Jason Scholl, age 28, of Sacramento, California, was our one and only entry in Sid's Coloring Contest, and the de-facto (or is that de-fault) Cat Colorin' Champeen! Check out his work of art. A very special prize will be on the way to him shortly (whether he likes it or not!). And for those of you who didn't enter, a big "nyah nyah nyah" and a bite on the knuckle from Siddartha.

Separated At Birth?

You make the's Sid at rest...and the turkey at Thanksgivin'. Somebody turn him over and baste him when he's brown on that side, hmm?

sid=turkey? turkey


The Hills Are Alive, With The Sound Of Cat Treats...

Here's the audible cat dynamite that makes Sid come a runnin'...
"The Sound Of Pounce In A Can" (not to be confused with the sound of "Janitor In A Drum" -- we're funny as a crutch, now, aren't we?)

click here to hear pounce can

Imagine...if everyone clicked on the above link at once, all across the world, the sound of rattling extruded tuna morsels emanating from millions of computer speakers spanning the globe would reach Sid's tiny ears and send him --pulled inexorably towards all points of the compass-- into a veritable catatonic state. Aw, go ahead.

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