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Do We Look Miserable, Or What?

Lars Norpchen
Lars is a game programmer. He is responsible for most of Edgar's design n' technical bits. It was his incredibly messy project room that served as "The EdCave -- Not So Secret Hideout of the Hate Bug". He is now working on building a custom pinball machine from the ground up. (Presently, most of the it is still on the ground...and the living room table...and the garage shelves...) Pester him here: lars@phobe.com

Kevin Seghetti
Kevin's a game programmer and founding partner of the game development company Recombinant Ltd., and our radio expert. He recently moved to Redding, California and took up drumming. If you put your ear to the ground anywhere in the Bay Area, you may be able to hear him attempting to kick out "La Villa Strangiato". (Careful not to attempt this on Highway 280). Then again, it may just be that San Andreas Fault thingamabob... Kevin may or may not answer you if you email him.

Sparky is a web site developer and graphic designer (keeper of phobe.com) who was responsible for Edgar's graphics n' identity as well as this here web site. She takes no responsibility, however, for Ed's many technical failures.

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