edgar's parts

ed's guts
Ed consisted mostly of: one gas-powered 15" chainsaw, one old pvc breadboard, four wheels from a "Ricochet" RC car, 4 Black & Decker cordless screwdrivers, aluminum foil, 8 Nicad batteries, 3 RC servos, one 6-channel receiver, lots of wire and solder and chewing gum...
ed's teeth
Ed's shell was made of a wire frame covered with fiberglass, with metal plates over the wheel wells and other vulnerable spots. Very ugly, yet efficient.
ed inside
How did Edgar work? Not very well. Scientifically, however, Ed's drive wheels were direct-driven by the four cordless screwdrivers (one per wheel), which were powered by eight Nicad batteries. He was controlled by microswitches connected to the three servos.

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