about edgar

think hate Why Edgar? Well, I figured, let's make our robot something really CUTE so that you notice an amusing contrast with the whirring chainsaw stickin' out of its maw. So what's CUTE? Bunny rabbits, fluffy kitties, babies (when their diapers don't need changin' and they aren't dribblin' vile substances down their rosy little cheeks), plaster lawn gnomes, Volkwagen bugs...AHA! I'm a big fan of Herbie the Love Bug. Voila -- "Edgar The Hate Bug".

I definitely wanted Ed to be black and have that menacing tigershark smile from WWII fighter planes. The fact that he turned out to be a hideous misshapen lump of fiberglass didn't hurt, either.

Check out Edgar's very own ad campaign posters, loosely based on the award-winning Doyle Dane Bernbach Volkwagen ads of the Sixties.

Below is Edgar's motto..."Gudfernuthin".


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