We had a couple of problems with the management of last year's Robot Wars...I'm noting these here for your information -- and hopefully to encourage this year's RW management to look into and resolve the problems (before it's too late and someone gets hurt)!

Touch My Robot
Amazingly enough, the robot set-up area was within touchy-feely range of all the visitors! Yes, all those spiky, pointy, dangerous weapons were on display for the public, within the easy reach of children. Not to mention that spectators could quite easily carry off any bits of competitor's robots, parts, or tools. Welcome to the Post-Apocalyptic Petting Zoo...

Hot Wired
From our seats at the top of the grandstand, we could touch the wires heading over to the lighting grid over the battlefield. Geez, they were HOT! A small child could have been burned...and perhaps this indicated the electrical system might be seriously overloaded.

It's a Grand Old Stand
It seems the event has outgrown its location facilities at Fort Mason in San Francisco. As event participants, we were apparently not supposed to watch the event, as there was no room in the stands. When we did find some room at the top of the grandstand, we discovered one of the seating rows had come unbolted in ther center. The overcrowded stands were actually breaking! Yikes. We told the event staff about it -- but we don't know if they fixed it or not, as we certainly weren't going back up in those stands again!

Burning Nicads in The Bay
In the afternoon, we were watching happy little seals frolicking in the Bay right outside the event at Fort Mason. When one of Edgar's nicad batteries exploded and caught fire, there were no fire extinguishers or sand buckets available -- upon asking one of the event coordinators, we were told to "throw it in the bay". (This person was evidently not a member of Greenpeace). We smothered it carefully in a trash can outside. Do the RW folks club baby seals on their summer vacations, too?

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