robot snores

Robot Wars 1996. We came, we lost, we were bored. The robot shapes (wedge vs. wedge vs. wedge) and designs this year weren't too exciting...and our part in the event was a comedy of errors, to say the least. Edgar, our robot, may have gone down in flames (literally) but he did get his ugly bug mug on TV, so we hear...

Ed was trounced in the first match, but we think he put on a good show -- despite the fact that we mysteriously lost all control over him. We might as well have entered him in the "Autonomous" category. At one point, he rammed his spinning sawblade into the wall and got stuck there, creating a pretty spray of sawdust.

Alright, we give up. No more Robot Wars for us. Below, one of the stickers from Edgar's undercarriage -- a little pathetic cry for mercy from the audience in case he flipped like a piece of toast butter-side down. Read on for more of the incredibly lame story...


Parts Is Parts
How we built the beast...a somewhat Dickensian tale of procrastination, genius, poor timing and bad luck. Er, and we got pictures.

All About Edgar
Edgar, The Hate Bug: also known as "The Little Robot That Couldn't".

Our Team
Yup, we sucked!
Here's the team of considerable talent, yet questionable organization, behind Edgar's design and creation.

Danger, Will Robinson!
"Safety First" was not the motto of the last Robot Wars event, not in our humble opinion...

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