gothic: the making of a monster

All of the below rules are for the whitewood only, and are absolutely subject to change. Many of the names are only placeholders, so don't email and say "that's been done before". We know. These things will be changed in the final game.

Lower Left Playfield

  1. Far Left Lane: Dark Garden Gate, which is the ramp to Upper Left Playfield (Dark Garden)
  2. Widow’s Web: 2-ball Lock (like BK2K Double Knight’s Challenge)
  3. Black Widow: Target in front of Widow’s Web
  4. Church Walk: Shot between Garden Gate and Widow’s Web, leads to Cathedral and around to Cemetery Lane.
  5. Dark Garden: Upper Left Playfield. A magnet is beneath the center of the maze...points are gained by hitting targets. Ball has two exit points...the back exit launches ball across bridge to Upper Right Playfield (Limbo) -- this shot is known as Lucifer’s Loop. The loop launch contains under-playfield magnets which accelerate the ball across the bridge. The front exit simply drops ball onto lower playfield.
  6. Dark Garden Targets: Black Lily, Deadly Nightshade, Absinthe, Blood Rose, (Hemlock), Forbidden Fruit. If ball hits Forbidden Fruit target, all points achieved in the Dark Garden are canceled out.

Upper Left Playfield

  1. Cathedral: The Cathedral is a Lock -- three balls in this Lock release the Bats from The Belfry. Three balls launch across the playfield on the Bat-o-Rail, dropping into the Right Inlane.

Center Playfield

  1. Guardians at The Gate: Two targets, the Angel of Death (left side) and Gargoyle (right side). These must be hit in succession to open the Cemetery Gate (upper center playfield).
  2. Graveyard: The center upper playfield contains two pop bumpers and seven targets -- each target named after one of the Seven Deadly Sins. Each pop bumper hit awards X points and adds Y points to the next pop bumper hit until another target is hit, more than one second expires between hits, or a max value or Z is acheived.
  3. Graveyard Targets: Avarice, Lechery, Gluttony, Sloth, Pride, Wrath, Envy.
  4. Undertaker: Target is located on the left side of the playfield center, just outside the Columbarium.
  5. Columbarium: This hole is located at the top right of the playfield in the Graveyard. The Columbarium (or Crematory) is a Lock.
  6. Two Ravens: Two ravens sit atop targets at the back of the Graveyard.

Lower Right Playfield

  1. Far Right Lane: Cemetery Lane, shoots around to Cathedral exit behind upper playfield.
  2. Two Cats: Two cats sit atop targets just behind the Cemetery Lane fence.
  3. Well of Souls: Ball drops into Well and is immediately popped up onto Upper Playfield (Limbo).
  4. Rat Hole: A ball shot into this hole may be ejected from either the Rat Hole, Well of Souls, or Widow’s Web.

Upper Right Playfield

  1. Limbo: Upper Right Playfield. Pop bumper in center. Ball may exit three ways from Limbo -- back into the Well of Souls (which will immediately eject the ball again into limbo) , to the Graveyard, and by dropping into the Cemetery Lane (either of which returns the ball to the lower playfield). The ball scores points by bouncing off the rubber and hitting the Limbo bumper until exiting the upper playfield, accumulating a Limbo Bonus. The Limbo Bonus is the sum of all the rubber bumper’s current values. The first bounce on a given rubber bumper adds X points to Limbo Bonus. Every subsequent bounce on that rubber increases the value of that rubber’s bonus contribution, but negates its value. (ie: rubber’s value goes from +1000, to -2000, to +3000, to -4000, etc.) If the ball exits via the Cemetery Lane, all rubber bumper values become positive and the Limbo Bonus is to the player’s score -- but if the ball exits via the Graveyard (Zombie Drain) the Limbo Bonus is added or subtracted as indicated from the player’s score.


  1. Storm: Bats loaded in Cathedral, 2-ball multiball, black light
  2. Bone Dance (Day of the Dead): 3-ball multiball
  3. Angel: All lights white
  4. Mephistopheles: All lights red
  5. Lucifer’s Loop: Shot from Church Walk to Cemetery Walk (orbit)
  6. Seven Sins: Hit all Seven Deadly Sin Targets in Graveyard
  7. Dark Harvest: Hit all targets in Dark Garden EXCEPT for Forbidden Fruit. If Forbidden Fruit target is hit, all points gained during that Dark Garden play are canceled out.
  8. Last Rites: TBD
  9. Hallowed Ground: Enter Graveyard

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