gothic: the making of a monster

whitewood upper playfield -- last year
Upper Playfield Whitewood 1998

whitewood upper playfield
Upper Playfield 2nd Whitewood, March 1999
Gothic is our custom pinball machine, currently under development. It's driven by a computer, but unlike William's Pinball 2000 -- which uses 3D projected animation and a built-in video monitor -- our pin looks and plays pretty much like a conventional pinball machine.

In Gothic, the PC provides a programming interface and advanced system features like stereo sound, video, and animation. Gothic's PC brain also allows for quick updates and monitoring over a network or via the Web.

Gothic is still in progress -- we've been working on it sporadically in our spare time over the past two years.

Here you'll find details on Gothic's Software and Hardware. Want to know who we are and why we're doing this? Visit the FAQ. The Rules are always a' changin', of course. We've also provided a few Photos of all the steps along the way...

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