meet the otter pop pilot.
ooh, too fruity! Lime Otter Pop Pilot

So you've seen the new Imacs, and now you're thinking...I want a cool computer. I want a useless computer. I want a computer that comes in fruity colors...Well, we've got one for you... the Otter Pop Pilot. Not only is it useless, cool and fruity, it'll stain your tongue! And it's portable!

Lick different. Sir Isaac Lime The Otter Pop Pilot can be easily stored. Tuck it into your trombone case or your golf caddy. Slip it down your pants leg. Sure, you may walk a little funny, but people will know you're hip! You're cool! You're part of the new wave of digerati-to-go (fries with that, please). It's radically slim and fashionable, with the clean, aerodynamic lines of a curtain rod...not unlike Calista Flockhart. And the Otter Pop Pilot is available in a virtual rainbow of six tasty colors!

Suck every ounce of computing power out of this baby!

The Otter Pop Pilot is the solution for your portable computing needs. Correspondence and email is made simple with its backlit screen. Check out the 400x20 aspect ratio -- perfect for those who are fond of run-on sentences! It can be used as an antenna to pick up AM/FM radio (optional radio card required). The semi-liquid Otter Pop Pilot even makes soothing "thwappity thwappity" sounds when thwapped. This amazing portable computing device also comes in six fruity-licious hues.

Don't forget -- it comes in all six zippy Otter Pop colors/flavors you remember from childhood:

  • Sir Isaac Lime (bright green)
  • Little Orphan Orange (orange)
  • Alexander the Grape (purple)
  • Strawberry Shortkook (red)
  • Rip Van Lemon (yellow)*
  • Louie-Bloo Raspberry (oddly enough, light blue)
it comes in flavors Like its companion in fruity style, the Imac, there are five or six software packages available for the Otter Pop Pilot, including Tetris, Hatris, Wordtris, Faces, Tetris,Welltris, and El-Fish. We have no further plans to develop relations with any other software developers, however, we will be offering the Otter Pop Pilot's OS (OPPOS) sourcecode for free in the hopes that OPP fans will start writing their own damn applications.

Did we mention it comes in six fruity colors?

Collect them all! You can have an Otter Pop Pilot to match all of your favorite International House of Pancakes waffle syrups -- except Maple, that is. Who wants a maple-colored computer? Yecch -- not us! Indeed, you can have an Otter Pop Pilot portable computing device for every day of the week, if you repeat Wednesday twice. And it comes in six colorful flavory shades! Buy them all, and store the unused ones in your freezer.

*Though Otter Pop historians may dispute our choice, claiming that "Rip Van Lemon" is no longer an Otter Pop figurehead, we refuse to use the otter-come-lately "Pancho Punch". Two red-flavored Pop Pilots would be redundant.

Do not lick. Colored gel is not edible. Do not puncture.
Inflate to designated pressure rating. Do not overinflate.
Children under age of 6 may be injured by sudden inflation and should not be seated in front of device.
Not compatible with Linux. Not affiliated with the makers of Otter Pops.
Do not remove this text under penalty of law.

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