You mighta noticed that certain three-word-phrases are highlighted within the all-encompassing text that is Octopus Motor (actually, the Bible or the Encyclopedia Britannica are probably more all-encompassing. But not in my book.) These would be triverberations, those "wacky little three-word phrases that don't really mean anything, but seem to flow off of the tongue as easily as spittin' out a black jellybean..."

Triverberations are useful for naming eminently-discovered elements or solar systems, shouting loudly on a subway platform in the hopes of distracting would-be muggers and religious cult members, or suggesting as cool names for your brother's new baby (they'll just call it "Courtney Cameron Alexis" or "Kendall McAllister" anyway, but at least you tried, dammit).

Here's this month's output -- which, oddly enough, could also pass as a list of new Ben & Jerry ice cream flavors... As always, if you gots a triverberation of yer own, by all means tip back the rest of that Yoo-Hoo yer drinkin', (what percentage of that IS backwash, anyway?) write that triverb down on the nearest useless bit of paper handy (barely-used Kleenex, an "Underwood Deviled Ham" label, any given issue of WIRED) stick that in the bottle ("Never mind the backwash, full speed ahead!") and toss it in the nearest large body of water (yer tub doesn't count). Eventually -- given the coriolis effect, tides, evaporation and condensation and a number of other important scientific factors that don't connect in your head every time you turn on a garden hose -- it'll get to me.

Okay, so a more direct method would be by sending it But you're no fun anymore.

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