john turturro's head

...The Floating Turturro Head, or,
"It's A Bird, It's A Plane, It's Barton Fink"

My Land! Egad! The people said.
What IS that? John Turturro's HEAD?
It's floating up there in the sky--
But where's the rest of him...and WHY?

We wonder when it will come down --
We hope there is no one around.
"Much worse than Skylab," someone said,
"Would be a dropped Turturro head."

Why that would be a dire mishap!
So they tracked it on the radar map.
They brought out mattresses-
Brought in planes-
But the head is STILL UP THERE!
Why, it waxes and wanes...
The Turturro head just WOULD NOT FALL!

...I don't think it'll come down, at all.

the crowd panics

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