Here's to Tim Burton whose film "Ed Wood" sparked the flash of insight (Or was that someone just hitting me in the back of the head with a "Mike & Ike"? It was a dark theater...) that became Octopus Motor. For those interested, I'm really not that pleasant bluish-purple color...however I am usually surrounded by the glowing green aura. Its okay, as long as you're not seated behind me in the aforementioned movie theater.

I'd also like to thank the Just Born company, manufacturers of those delightful Marshmallow Peeps (in pink, yellow, and - new lavender!) Mmmm, them's good eatin'. That's it for me. Instead of rambling on about the plight of the disenfranchised American Indians like some, let me introduce to you the folks that help make Octopus Motor possible...


Dan Linfield

Dan's a multi-talented graphic designer/ photographer and - sho 'nuff - LAWNMOWER REPAIRMAN who hails from a long line of graphic designer/photographers (yes, the very same line in front of you at the Acme with fifteen items in the "ten item or less" checkout ). He actually looks very little like the guy in the photo - I just thought he'd look swankier with long hair, an earring, and a flaming cardigan sweater. But hey, wouldn't we all? Dan's responsible for the pix, photos, renditions of Pez, and other cool stuff for which he may one day become famous -- besides the fine job he did replacing the belts on that '79 Toro riding mower, that is...


Lars Norpchen

Lars (that's his real name, no kidding) spends most of his day masquerading as some sort of multimedia developer/programmer-cheese grater-slicer-dicer-Sanforizer n' salad shooter. He owns a proprietary hex wrench. He could probably use Copernicus' astronomical theories (and only count on one hand) to solve the universal "10-bun package, 8-hot dog package" dilemma, but he wisely chooses not to. He's just an inspiration in general. (In specific, he's just a minor annoyance like one of those plastic T-shaped tag thingies that you never quite get totally removed from a new shirt cuff...)

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