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What In Tarnation Is Octopus Motor?

A) a paint-by-numbers oil-on-velvet still life of a fruit bowl created from the pick of my bizarre thoughts and contemplations...

B) a tasty low-fat literary snack that stays crunchy in milk but, surprisingly enough, rapidly dissolves in sulfuric acid...

C) a journey in one ear and out the other, traveling via AMC Pacer with two screaming kids (not your own), a mentally unbalanced cocker spaniel, and an unrefoldable map of New Hampshire. You lost your muffler twenty-nine miles back. A flickering red neon sign up ahead says: Octopus Motor...

Pick One...Eh, Take Two, They're Small.

...speaking of small, watch out for the yummy Pez "buttons". There's something special hidden behind 'em all -- and not just a potential root canal...

What does the great Peter Falk have to say about all this nonsense? Just click on his picture when you see it and get the "Columbo Commentary".

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Octopus Motor, Issue Numero Uno, September, 1995
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