Yer Latin Lesson For Today

latin lesson

The word ubiquitous, meaning "being everywhere, especially at the same time", hails from the Latin word ubique, meaning everywhere. The root of this word is ubi, meaning where. Now that you know this, you may:

a) promptly replace this bit of trivial information with some other trivial bit like "a single serving of "Pop Tarts" brand toaster pastries contains 8% of your recommended daily value of Fat" or

b) use this knowledge to impress friends at cocktail parties, pool halls, drive-thru windows, why even that particularly lame-o "Renaissance Festival" you got dragged to in an ill-fitting jester suit, featuring a smelly cantankerous goat with a paper towel tube glued to its head masquerading as "The Magickal Unicorn".

Looking for an impressive way to use today's lesson in your day-to-day vocabulary? Why, how about the hip, Eighties-neo-retro-uberphrase "Ubi Est Bubula?" which translates quite neatly into "Where's The Beef?"


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Translation Of That Bit Of Nonsense Down There: "Honk If You Speak Latin"