This is Lars.

He is sorta, but not really , more in a very roundabout way, Swedish.

Here are some sounds that he makes. [yuck][beep][meow]

This is a picture of him in a super cool go-cart he had when he was little.

mini gremlin


YES, doesn't it make you sick that he had such a cool MINIATURE GREMLIN when other kids like us had to ride half-deflated Hoppity Horses, or Green Machines that spun out all the time and gave you really painful skinned knees and elbows that Mom would, of course, just spray with Bactaid so it would be even that much more painful an experience...then there were some of us who just had to sit in an old washing machine box -- in the rain, no less -- revelling in the smell of soggy cardboard and wishing, nay, dreaming that one day, one day they would be the super coolest kid on the block with a MINIATURE GREMLIN???

YES, Lars was that kid.

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