Department Of Education One
Department Of Education One: The Rolling Oval office
the short bus

Department Of Education One
Developed exclusively for President George W. Bush, Department of Education One is a Sweetman Micro-Bus that was extensively modified at the Sweetman factory in East Jabip, Nebraska, to meet presidential requirements. President-Elect Bush wanted the bus to "reflect the spirit of the national character". He also directed that the words "Unitid States Of America" appear prominently above the windows (Sweetman Bus Lines graciously corrected the spelling error during production).

The "Rolling" Oval Office
The "rolling oval office" has 40 square feet of interior floor space, which features a conference room, quarters for the President and First Lady, a sock puppet theater, a trampoline, and a potty. The interior of the bus is completely washable.

The office contains a full library of President Bush's favorite books and periodicals, including "The Very Hungry Caterpillar", "American Psycho", "Sports Illustrated" and "Highlights for Children".

Another office can be converted into a medical facility when required (for example, if the President happens to get an foreign object - such as a crayon or lima bean - lodged up his nose).

Communications and Security
The bus's mission communication system provides worldwide transmission and reception of normal and secure communications. This state-of-the-art equipment includes 85 telephones, multifrequency radios for bus-to-air, bus-to-ground and bus-to-satellite communications, and a Fisher-Price "Speak And Spell".

In the interest of safety, harness-style seatbelts are provided, as well as emergency window exits. An emergency door is located in the rear of the bus. Secret Service agents are on hand to ensure that quiet is maintained and that the bus driver "does not have to come back there" at any time. In the instance that a passenger steps forward of the white line at the front of the bus while DE One is in motion, rest assured that the "men in black" are fully trained to handle the situation.

Department Of Education One provides a longer range of presidential travel and can be self-sufficient in parking lots around the US. Modified for highway-speed refueling, the bus is virtually incapable of running out of milk and the President's favorite brand of animal crackers. According to federal transportation law, DE One is required to stop at all railroad crossings and open the door briefly. The President will be advised, for the sake of national security, to remain seated and not attempt to exit the bus at these times.

The Wheels On The Bus Go Round And Round
When interviewed regarding the bus, President Bush expressed enthuasiasm. "I'm gonna jump on first so I can get one of the 'hump' seats!" (Note: 'hump' seats are defined as the seats located directly over the wheel wells, resulting in a raised floor and a convenient footrest) President Bush also discussed plans to further customize the bus with "some really cool Garbage Pail Kids stickers."

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