make your own coffin!


What You Need

Cardboard: Use whatever cardboard you have handy. The stuff I used was fairly thin (a cereal box), but I just taped the heck out of it to reinforce it. For a backpack or bigger purse, you might want to use corrugated plastic or thin polystyrene -- you can find this at a hardware/craft store or your local sign shop.

Fabric: For a 8"x5" or so purse, I used about 1/2 yard of fabric, a bit less for the inside linings.It's a great way to use up scraps! I used burgundy stretch velour for the one pictured below, and black crushed velvet for the lining inserts. The stretchy fabric worked well, as it molded to the coffin corners without having to do too much fancy folding. The small coffin example on the "How-To" page is a silver-grey metallic taffeta with purple velvet lining. Remember, the stiffer the fabric, the neater you'll have to fold your corners!

Tape: I used masking tape just to hold the pieces in place until I knew they were aligned properly, then clear packing tape ALL over the parts to secure and stabilize the cardboard. Duct tape would work fine, too.

Glue: Any fabric glue will do, I used Fabri-Tac.

Trim: Just go nuts! I used a cheap bit of machine-embroidered lace collar. Beadwork, old jewelry bits, applique'd crosses or bats, anyone? I'm planning on using screw-in silver pointy studs all around my next coffin. You may want to use a small metal hinge and latch, which you can find at a craft or hardware store. Add a strap or handle if you like -- satin cord, or even a length of chain from the hardware or pet store works nicely.

coffin on side

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