Jane Austen's...
Don't call it a girl game...

Put yourself in the place of a 19th-century spinster -- your father has died, leaving you no inheritance. You have only some calling cards, your enigmatic wit, and a fetching pale pink sunbonnet...and the cutthroat social scene in Bath, England makes the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout look friendly.

Converse with hundreds of fully interactive NPCs, but be careful...a few misinterpreted bon mots, and you wind up engaged to a penurious pig farmer. Employ all the tools in your magical chatelaine, including your skills at the pianoforte, an adorable King Charles spaniel and a deadly embroidery-hoop shuriken. Can you survive long enough to marry well and die miserably in childbirth?

Bonus: a rabid JA:PXP fan base supplies n00d skins for Mr. Darcy! W00T!

Screenshot below is from the current beta version:

JA:PXP box

Miss Scargrave takes Mr.Thomas Chick-Duckworth to task for an impertinent remark.